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Four months ago, studying women participated in a television show. Those in good economic environment. Most of their husbands once took a beating. It would be fair to her husband rummy songs beat her husband’s beatings ulakariya said he was shocked that there was nothing wrong.

Today, 56 percent of Indian women are affected by domestic violence every night. Cilamuraiya life of about 83 percent of women with husbands who purchased Ft. ( Family violence is rummy songs increasing now than ever before. ) Wife as himself in a life that does not recognize the men, women ativankura not to think about it ? What problems can not be solved by talking ?

In some homes, the mother -in-law and her husband beat slight problem, valaravitamal take care of the problem ! Scored after some investigating. For men who gave you this authority ? Hitting the rights of men, who kept saying it was the duty of women to rummy songs accept ? Let the feet of the opposing men, even women who thought at first that the fundamental error ettavillaiye further, why ?

Read a lot as well, earning millions of women during the wedding even 50 pounds, 100 pounds to get married. Even when both are in the same position rummy songs tantutan the dowry to marry the girl takes the environment and why ? Women ‘s classic tirumanamtan life, fixes the maximum target community. From Andhra Pradesh friend told me, ’ 40.50 lakh will get the medical seat. Although one guy ever fit him at a wedding in a million, awesome kotinnu dowry will take it. 

In North India, it is said in a proverb. ” Rum, Rama, Rummy ’ if the three uruppata not a man. Rum, rummy right. This is where Rama had come from ? Drinking, gambling, and the rummy songs tendency to associate women with blood and flesh come from ? Our thoughts are the result of the departure of soil erosion such comments about women.

Women reading, earn a lot of hands, how many men, ATM cards to give to their wives ? Women in the highest offices in charge of their own homes have been unable to take any decision. To argue against the notion husband, for fear of being educated kitaittuvitumo degree of arrogance, kitaikkirate is a privilege to work on the idea of a college professor husband does not speak out against abuse say !

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Vijay Sethupathi the ’ pizza ’ as the lead role in the film nampican Ramya. Erkenave a few Malayalam films as he sang in the background, who is currently rummy songs starring Vijay Sethupathi ’ Rummy ’ D film. Imaan is singing a song in the music. Despite wrote this song. ’ Rummy ’ motion picture Balakrishnan, Vijay Sethupathi - Gayatri is paired.

Archana. School teacher. He writes his rummy songs four -year-old daughter is so beautiful. Well read on. About her, ” you only meccikkarinka. At birth, she is very complicated. Operation Over, coming close to fainting was not her husband. Look in my eyes… What packet pullaiyai give birth to baby pottirukke !.

My mother said no more kitantomnnu vacalleye paiyannu imagine. Four varusamakiyum forgotten that speech. Pilaiccu come alive. How am I able to hear a word. I paticcatellam cipiesci school. North intiyala been Hindi, Bengali everything is fine. My favorite rummy songs author ‘s work. Going to work in the home should not be half-hearted. Home, the child did not have an objection to us poratunna complete parttukkaratota work…

What paticcalum skill will recognize us from day to day, “he said. Archana ‘s mother patikkatavaro nothing, no matter teriyatavaro. But as a woman, not knowing him, he is lodged in the brain of image emerged.

45 B bus. Crowded. I can not stand a woman standing nearby. The girl was the one who got into caitapettai itittukkonte. The girl rummy songs tried to go to a different page. Unable to stampede. ” I can not. Wait a little off. Ticanta thou alone is enough to make the dress that screamed. And he has not looked back.

Four college student standing behind. And in English, ” You ‘re beautiful little girls, some of these people and what itikkirennu is logic ? ” Hearing that, the rummy songs student laughed with shame, the girl saw a model. Was smart, he would not have done any mistake in English pecivit he came to the conclusion that woman ? Previously, women often fight buses. Nowadays kattuvato, fighting potuvato impertinence that even educated women have begun to think. So that’s a mistake by the sidelines.

The victim’s lawyer told the girl committed suicide in Bangalore FriendFeed problem. To combat problems without fighting, which led to such a decision ? Without the courage to face another problem untouched side had committed a mistake in today’s education system ?